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How can you contact me:

Note: my personal accounts are listed here for inquiries about commissions, requests, collabs and trades. If you want to play, write directly to Steam if I'm online there. I would like to help with something, just chat, advertise - you don't even have to look at one of the profiles, you risk immediately flying into an emergency situation immediately and forever, you don't need to annoy me.

If you know what IRC is and know how to use it, then you are welcome:

  1. Server -
  2. Port - 6667
  3. Make sure to change the encoding to CP1251 (windows-1251)!
  4. Channel - #th_corner (binded to chat in Telegram).

A big request to log in from a local client (KVIrc, HexChat, Konversation or your convenience).
Those coming from web clients will be banned with a 99% chance because of one ill-wisher who uses everything just to annoy me. If an influx of spam and shit happened and I turned on the ability to write only to those who have OP/Voice - write to me or XenonSP , we will give you a voice.

You can also write to me to E-Mail:

Persistent spam will be completely ignored.