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Hello, my friend!

My name is Leon Lisov and this is my web page!

Since 2016, my fiction writing has begun, since 2017 - drawing, and I have been playing games almost from an early age. During this time, I managed to acquire several large projects in literature, draw ~ 150 sketches and release ~ 200 artworks.

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My main nicknames are TerminalHash, FoxFromPripyat and LeonLisov.
I have no fake accounts, and you can see ill-wishers a mile away - beware.

List of my characters:

  1. Leon Lisov (fox and pony).
  2. Rouz Firecarrot.
  3. VaultPony.
  4. Vicmare (Batpony).
  5. Terminal Hash.
  6. Spruce Pastille (kirin).
  7. Maidge Firecarrot.
  8. Mimino Firecarrot.
  9. Paper Zeta.
  10. Pegastra.
  11. Turqouise Gold.

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